Itsekiri leaders asks Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse II to annul his new edict or abdicate the throne

The Itsekiri Leaders of Thought, ILoT, yesterday, asked the Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse II, to renounce his new edict, rejecting the ‘Ogiame’ title of the Warri monarch.

The leaders in a statement by their Chairman, Pa J.O.S Ayomike and Chief Isaac Jemide, said Ogiame was synonymous with Olu (kingship) of Warri Kingdom and if wiped out, it would mean the Olu of Warri has been terminated.

Other leaders who signed the statement included the Secretary, Edward Ekpoko, A.S. Mene, O.P. Edodo, Prof. Nesin Omatseye, Julius Otiri, Tony Ede, J.E. Agbejule and Mr. D.O. Anomuogharan.

According to them, after due consultation with relevant stakeholders in Iwereland, the Itsekiri people want this new order renounced.

The statement said, “We, therefore, advise the Olu of Warri to act accordingly.”

“Ogiame has been the unchanged name of the Warri monarch since its creation in 1480 and Atuwatse 11, the name of the reign that began in 1987. If the former is abolished, the monarchy would have been extinguished and if Atuwatse 11 ceases to be Ogiame, his reign as the Warri monarch would have expired. Neither is possible.”

The leaders said that it was well -known documented historical fact that Christianity began in Warri/Benin region in the early 16th century and about eight Olus of the 19 Olus got baptised as Christians, noting that Itsekiri as a nation cannot be said to have covenant with Umalokun, as the word Ogiame only means king or ruler of the region so founded.

They re-stated that religion was a personal matter and no one can stop the Olu from being a devout Christian, just as he too, cannot also stop or condemn others practising their religion, adding that the new order proclaimed by Atuwatse 11 was legally not binding on anybody.

They maintained that it was unfortunate that the Olu thought that his people worship or sing anthem of worship to him and his ancestors, adding that the subjects deeply respect and honour the Oluship as an institution.

The stage for an epic battle in Iwere (Warri) kingdom, Delta State, was set, yesterday, following the rebuff of the entreaties of palace chiefs by the Olu of Warri to withdraw his controversial September 4, proclamation.

The palace chiefs, led by the Igba of Warri kingdom, Chief Rita Lori-Ogbebor, had mounted pressure on the monarch, in the last few days, to revoke his ‘New Order”, renouncing the Ogiame title, borne by past Itsekiri kings, including him, in the past 500 years.

The chiefs, acting on behalf of Itsekiri people, who were taken aback by the proclamation of their revered monarch, had also asked him to recant his rejection of the age-long custom of the people, which he (Olu) described as ungodly, among other things.

But, the Olu stuck to his guns, saying that as royal priest of God, placed by God as a king over His people, he would neither serve inferior gods nor lead God’s children to serve the gods of sea, land and sky.

His strong-willed resistance infuriated Itsekiri chiefs, who, rising from another meeting, yesterday, insisted on withdrawal of the edict, saying he could not use force to coerce the people.


  1. Truth be told, the Olu is doing the right thing the wrong way. You cannot enforce your religion on the people.


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