Human Egg Trafficking: Nigeria is the highest exporter of human eggs and embryos!

Chairman of African Anti-abortion Coalition, Dr Philip Njemanze, has said Nigeria remained the highest exporter of human eggs and embryos.

Njemanze, who is also the chairman, Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria in Imo State, added that a study had shown that Nigeria had been trafficking in eggs in the international market since 2006 without the consent of the women or anybody.

He spoke at the annual Catholic Marriage, Family and Human Life Unit and Marriage Instructors Conference, which took place at Yaba, Lagos.

Njemanze, who spoke on the imminent danger facing the family in Nigeria, said if Nigeria allowed such a thing, about a 100 million eggs would be needed per year to supply laboratories to do their stem cell embryonic research. 

Being the highest is sad on it own, the worst part is the fact that its done wihtout the consent of the victim.

God help Nigeria!


  1. wow! this illicit trade has hit Nigeria?! this is bad

  2. corruption is our middle name i swear. each and every one of us. if doctors that are well paid will do this, what can you expect from the poor


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