Catholic priest accidentally shot and killed himself

A Catholic priest has accidental shot and killed himself while cleaning his gun. The incident happened to Reverend Father Peter Ayala in charge of Saint Thomas Moore Catholic Church, Sobe community in Owan West Local Government Area of Edo State, southern Nigeria.

His congregation was thrown into confusion last Sunday morning when the priest who was to conduct the early morning mass was found dead in his apartment.

It was gathered that the clergy man was cleaning his double-barrelled gun in his apartment within the church premises, when the gun reportedly went off, killing him instantly.

Rev Ayala was yet to dress up for the 7 a.m. mass when the tragedy occurred.

Worshippers who had waited for the morning service to commence were said to have run in confusion and in different directions when they heard the sound of the gun.

Elders and mass servers of the church were said to be shocked when they forced the doors to the apartment of the priest open and found him lying lifeless with blood around him.

The incident was immediately reported by the church elders to the Bishop of the Auchi Diocese, Dr. Gabriel Duniya, who later conducted a quick investigation with security agents and confirmed that the priest died when the rifle he was cleaning went off.

When contacted, the Edo State Police Command Public Relations Officer, DSP Moses Eguavoen, described the incident as unfortunate, adding that the Command was yet to get the full details of what happened before the priest’s death.


  1. What is a priest doing with a gun? For protection? What happened to his faith and trust in God's protection?

  2. Fr. Peter Ayala, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. From my knowledge of you, I believed that you may not have committed suicide, because you have a very strong faith in God while you lived. Do not mind what people are saying about your death because people can say whatever they like, but it is what God says that matters.
    You were an example of a good priest of God. You were not a man of too many words. You loved a life of solitude and mortification. You were not materialistic. Even though you had not much materially, but you always shared the little you had with the needy. You were selfless, kind hearted, generous, humble, quiet and prayerful.
    I remembered the last time we spoke on telephone, a day before the day you passed on, you were telling me about your devotion to the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, whom you Loved, served and were devoted to while you were alive, you never sounded frustrated. You also told me of your fish pound and how the fishes would mature in six months’ time. If you were frustrated or loosed hope, how come you newly started a fish pound you were planning to harvest in a six months’ time? How come, they said a gun was beside you? If you were truly cleaning a gun as people said, they gun would have shot something else not you, any way God knows the truth. Just as the Lord Jesus prayed for those who persecuted Him, that they be forgiven, I know you as a man of God who forgives easily, please, I beg you that you forgive them for they do not know what they did.
    I would not forget your popular saying –“The Lord knows everything and that there is nothing hidden from God” I am very sure that the Lord knows everything that happened to you. I know you must have suffered severe pains before you finally gave up the ghost, but Fr, Buoro , go well, even if people are saying anything they like concerning your death, the Lord alone knows the truth and the legacy you left behind would speak for you always.
    May the God of Mercy reward you for your good deeds to the poor, the helpless and the abandoned.
    Father of the poor, go well! Defender of the defenseless, Adieu! Hope of the forsaken, bye- bye!
    May the Lord grant your gentle soul, everlasting rest in His Kingdom. Be sure of our masses, prayers and sacrifices for you sake.
    Bye Fr. Ayala, Adieu, Fr.Odion, Go well Fr. Buoro. We will miss your gentle smile, sincere advice, charitable deeds and prayers.
    May your soul and the souls of the faithful departed; through the Mercy of God may you rest in Peace Amen.


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