"Be of good behaviour or get fired" - IGP warns Police officers

The Inspector General of Police, Mr Abubakar Mohammed has issued a warning to policemen in the country on their behaviour as officers of the law to uphold the right attitude at all times or get booted out of the force just as the officer that was dismissed for asking a motorist for bribe (watch video HERE).

The police boss highlighted that the sacking of the officer is serving as a warning to others, and that the search light has been beamed on them to be of good behaviour or face the consequences.

While on a Sallah visit to the president at the villa, the police boss asserted that he will not run a corrupt police service insisting that he will charge the officer to court if the man who made the report on YouTube comes with more evidence against the sacked police officer.

According to him, what is happening in the police force now is a revolution that will not stop until the force witnesses a turnaround for good.