Woman stab neighbour to death after altercation over a bench!

A 28-year-old woman Stella Gilbert is in police custody for allegedly stabbing her neighbour to death over a bench.

The incident happened in the suspect’s room at Ajegunle area of Lagos State on June 22.

The altercation over who should sit on the bench degenerated into a fight with Stella allegedly stabbing the deceased – identified as Stella Godwin, 27, a mother of three, in the chest. This led to the latter’s death in the suspect’s room.

It was gathered that Gilbert had initially poured hot water on the deceased before grabbing a kitchen knife and stabbing her to death.
The husband of the deceased, Mr. Godwin said his wife and the suspect were friends but that over time, the friendship became sour due to envy.

“Stella is our neighbor and she used to be a good friend to my wife as they bear the same name. However, for some time my family has been having issues with Stella due to envy and jealousy. The animosity degenerated into a fight on Saturday, June 22nd over a bench. A friend came to visit me and I went to get a bench outside the house to give him to sit.

“This bench belonged to our former neighbour but when he was relocating, he left it behind. Stella started abusing me to leave the bench. I warned Stella to stop insulting me; my wife came out and she too warned Stella to stop insulting me. They started quarrelling and fighting. I ran to the Ajegunle Police Station to get police because Stella poured hot water on my wife. Sadly, when I came back, I saw my wife’s lifeless body in Stella’s room. Stella had stabbed my wife in the chest with a kitchen knife; she also stabbed her all over her body. I was shocked and started weeping.”
The suspect however said she did not intend to kill anybody.
“This is the work of the devil. I did not intend to kill her. Yes, it is true we have been quarrelling but I am shocked that she died from my hands. Mr. Godwin, his wife and his visitor overwhelmed me. Three of them came into my room and they beat me mercilessly. I had to defend myself as the beating was severe and in the process, I took a kitchen knife and waved it to scare her; they were in my room fighting me. I stabbed her in the chest and she fell and died. I did not know how she got the other wound but I did not want to kill her. You can see my body; I have bruises all over because they invaded my room and beat me. I was only defending myself. I am sad that she is dead.”
A police source said the case was transferred to the Homicide Section, State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) in Panti, Yaba on June 27 for thorough investigation.

“We recovered three kitchen knives in the suspect’s room. The deceased had multiple stab wounds on her body. The corpse was in the suspect’s room because that was where the fight took place and she was killed there. We have deposited the corpse in the mortuary for autopsy,” the source said.