4 Boko Haram members sentenced to life imprisonment over Suleja & Nasarawa bombings

The Federal High Court in Abuja sentenced Shuaibu Abubakar, Salisu Ahmed, Umar Babagana-Umar and Mohammed Ali to life imprisonment for causing death of several Nigerians through terrorist acts.

All four men were convicted on terrorism charges and for participating in bombings which occurred 2011 in Suleja, Niger state and Dakna Village in Bwari, all in Niger state, near the Federal Capital Territory.

They were found guilty of offenses ranging from illegal training in arms, transportation of improvised explosive devices and participating in terrorist activities and bombings which claimed several lives and injured many.

However, Justice Bilkisu Aliyu, who delivered the judgment discharged and acquitted Musa Adam on the grounds that none of the charge proferred against him linked him to actual commission of any terrorist acts.

Justice Aliyu also sentenced Umar Ibrahim, the sixth accused person to 10 years imprison, stating innocence and tender age for the reduction of penalty.

According to her, he was neither directly involved in terrorist acts and non-trained as a terrorist, but he was misled to be an errand boy.