President Goodluck Jonathan slammed for awarding multi-million Naira contracts to Niger Delta militants

Second Republic lawmaker, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, yesterday, slammed President Goodluck Jonathan for awarding multi-million Naira pipeline protection contracts to Niger Delta militants of Ijaw extraction, describing the action as illegal and self-serving.

Mohammed noted that it was unbecoming of the administration to single out certain virulent individuals and groups from a particular section of the country for undeserving economic and financial gratification and empowerment while others languish in abject poverty and deprivation under a democratic government.

The politician noted with dismay that the Nigerian police and other security agencies whose duties is to protect oil facilities and other national infrastructure, have been divested of such statutory roles ostensibly for the selfish interest of some groups and individuals who committed unmitigated atrocities against the country.

The former National Assembly adviser to President Shagari noted that apart from having no place in the laws of Nigeria, the outsourcing of such security jobs to private armies portended serious danger to the nation.

Mohammed stated that: “By flagrantly subverting the constitution to award mouth-watering pipeline protection jobs to terrorist groups, this administration is merely trying to overreach itself. This is a dangerous precedent in the annals of Nigeria.

“Any attempt to justify this on any ground will portend great danger for Nigeria and its people and it is important for Nigerians to rise up and speak against the emerging evil.

“As far as we know, trying to glorify or reward terrorism directly or indirectly will have far-reaching negative consequences for the country and dent our image as a peace-loving people.

“I am happy that former President Obasanjo has already spoken against the evil of rewarding terrorists with government jobs so as to win their support but let us not forget that trying to corrode democracy will certainly hurt the country in many ways”.


  1. Rightly said. What's the duty of our police? Army? Navy? And Airforce?

    Odechukwu GEJ will never do the right thing! Worst President ever

  2. Mr. Man shut up your mouth there! Look @ yourself very well. Have done anything right before? You alone know how to cast lame and criticise. You think it is easy? You will do 'terrible' if you are given two days to run. As a matter of fact, you have just done the 'wrongest' of thing by slandering. Pray!speak good and do your own. Capishe!

    1. Goan sit jor
      U r one of the internet troll on his payroll abi
      Anu ocha

  3. @Anonumous 14:11 your type are the reason this country is where it is today - Failed State.

    Yes its not nice slandering the leader, but positive criticism is needed for proper stewardship.


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