Court sentences woman for removing man’s teeth with a slap

A magistrate of the Chief Magistrate’s Court, Yaba, Lagos State on Monday, sentenced Mrs. Abiodun Olajide, the woman who removed a man’s two teeth with a slap, to 120 hours of community service.

Olajide, 30, had pleaded guilty to the two counts of assaulting one Augustine Olukukoyi when she was first arraigned in April.

However, there was mild drama in the court when the magistrate was about to deliver her judgement.

Olajide, who had pleaded guilty, then changed her plea to not guilty through her defence counsel, one Macauley.

The magistrate, Mrs. S.K Matepo, said Olajide’s sudden change of mind was due to the influence of her counsel who had voluntarily taken up the matter that morning.

Matepo, while reprimanding Macauley for swaying Olajide, said lawyers were supposed to alleviate the burden of defendants and not to compound it by unnecessarily prolonging simple court matters.

She said, “That is why they say lawyers are liars because what is straightforward, we always want to twist it.


  1. A woman dat can remove 2 teeth with one slap is dangerous.

    What if it was more dan a slap?
    What if it was a punch?

    Pls show us her pix so we can avoid trouble & danger when we see one. God have mercy!!!

  2. hehehehehehe
    yeye dey smell

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