War of words between Nigerians and Kenyans on Twitter

Kenyans and Nigerians battled it out on Twitter on Thursday, as #SomeoneTellKenya and #SomeoneTellNigeria trended worldwide.

The 'twitfight' erupted when news broke of the poor accommodations provided to the Harambee Stars, Kenya's national football team, during a visit to Nigeria for a World Cup qualifier match.

The Harambee Stars had a work out at the Ajao Estate Primary School, Oshodi on Wednesday evening ahead of their match against the Super Eagles on Saturday. Photographs of the Kenyans running on the dusty grounds of the school were retweeted all over the country as the east Africans got angry at the situation of their countrymen.

Swiftly, the topic #SomeonetellNigerians began to trend on the social networking site with many Kenyans weighing in with their thoughts.

@kmaore: Kenyans should start #SomeonetellNigeria due to the way they are treating our stars!

@Sewe450: #SomeoneTellNigeria we can throw stones from Kenya and break that African Cup of Nation Trophy

@SaddiqueShaban: FACT: #SomeoneTellNigeria this weekend alone, we got rugby team in #IRBHongKong, Cross Country team in #Poland and soccer team in #Nigeria.

@mainadan: #SomeOneTellNigeria to b a president in Kenya one must attain 50% votes+1vote theirs is just by #Goodluck.

@saints_vj: #SomeoneTellNigeria their plane will land at Liboi then they walk to Nairobi

@okweroh : They will Train in Mandera before taking a pickup truck to Nairobi. Just wait #SomeOneTellNigeria

@Obkerry: #SomeoneTellNigeria That Kenya is a respected country...And we have training grounds not those "Nigerian Acting Villages" Respect us

@jacksobaff: #SomeoneTellNigeria. They will land in Tharaka Nithi and play against our strongholds and board Miraa pickups to Nairobi

@Kisenyajesse: #someonetellnigeria we are disappointed by the way they're treating Harambee. Next time they come here, come with your own airport to land

@mykeizme: #SomeoneTellNigeria Its only in naija where tomato sauce is used in movies as blood. Kenyans use tomato sauce on chips.

#SomeoneTellNigeria Only in their movies a woman puts poison in her husbands food. And then taste it to know if it’s enough, without her dying.

@dinobilal: #SomeoneTellNigeria we shall suspend the viewing of their movies if they fail to attend to our players appropriately

@Davynition: #SomeonetellNigeria we thought they were OGAnised. Harambee Stars Deserve better

@_gweth: #SomeoneTellNigeria We need an immediate apology, we are not a banana republic you will just intimidate.

@Superjohna07: #SOMEONETELLNIGERIA Our players don't drive themselves to clubs to beg for transfers on deadline day

@Elvice33: #someonetellnigeria Kenya isn’t the type of country u would like 2 pick a fight with especially on social media!

Nigerians swiftly responds with the following: 

@bubusn: #SomeOneTellKenya USA - Hollywood, India - Bollywood, Nigeria - Nollywood, Kenya? Firewood.

@juize_j: Kenyans would have never had a chance to appear on TV...if not for nat geo #SomeoneTellKenyans

@Yungtyflex: #SomeoneTellKenyans that d two main natural resources they have is HIV/AIDS and UGLINESS

@unstopable55: #SomeoneTellKenyans that tourists come to Nigeria and go to the zoo, but they go to kenya and just stay on the streets and look at kenyans"

@ugwubiggz: #someonetellkenyans the only reason they win all those races is cuz they r promised food at the finish line!

@Lanrenchi: #SomeoneTellKenya Obama didn't leave kenya....he actually ran away!

@sir_lekan: So I heard Kenyans queue at the Presidential zoo to use the only laptop to diss Nigerians #SomeoneTellKenyans


More Tweets From Nigerians.....
#someonetellkenya Kenyans steal everything! Their capital 'Nairobi' was gotten from the words 'Naira' and 'Obi'

#someonetellkenya that they don't need billboards, enough foreheads to advertise Africa.”

#SomeoneTellKenya you know all our Nigerian stars, your TV stations show our movies, but we dont even know where you are

Did you know that Dangote could hire the richest man in Kenya to clean his shoes? #someoneTellKenya

#SomeoneTellkenya The only way kenyans get visa is through the Olympics.

No Matter How Far Kenyans Run, They Can Never Run away From Hunger! #SomeOneTellKenya

I never knew kenyans knew twitter dis much #SomeOneTellKenya

#someoneTellKenyans If not for UN,Kenyans would have been tweeting via Post Office Box"

#SomeoneTellKenya Kenyans never saw cars until Obama became American president. That's why they are all sprinters."

The most popular sport in Kenya is the Hunger games #someonetellKenya

#SomeoneTellKenya u'll never defeat Nigerianz on twitter..ask d ghanianz...

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  1. Lol naija cray mehn

  2. L̳̿☺ː̗̀(=)))ː̖́☺L̳̿
    Dis ȋ̝̊̅§ sm funny shit tho!!!!
    9ja una get bad mouth fr federal!!

  3. L̳̿☺ː̗̀(=)))ː̖́☺L̳̿
    This is some funny shit tho!!!
    9ja una get bad mouth fr federal!!

  4. Naija I hail oh! Chei
    See abuse?

  5. In dis game, I think Naija would never beat Kenya...funny though


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