19-year-old FEMEN Activist, Amina Tyler faces death threats over topless pictures

A prominent Tunisian cleric has called for a 19-year-old female activist to be "quarantined and stoned to death" because the topless pictures she posted could soon become an "epidemic."

The Tunisian newspaper AssabahNews quoted Salafi preacher Alami Adel (head of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice) as saying: "According to God’s law, she deserves 80 to 100 lashes, but what she committed is worth much more than that. She deserves to be stoned to death and she must be quarantined because what she did is an epidemic."

The young activist, Amina, is part of the feminist movement known as FEMEN — a Ukranian-based group which has utilized brazen nudity campaigns to bring awareness to feminist issues across Europe and the Middle East.

Amina posted a picture of herself on Facebook (read HERE), in which she can be seen smoking a cigarette, reading a book, wearing jeans and has the following message written across her topless chest: "My body is my own and not somebody's honor."