Man machetes 5 people to death in Benue state

Edwin Gyado, popularly called ‘Nomjov’ allegedly ran amok and killed five people among them a child and a woman in Naka town Gwer-West Local Council of Benue State.

Edwin’s state of mind would never ever be medically determined because he was himself killed by an angry mob.

It learnt that Edwin Gyado had suffered some mental problems in 2003, but was treated at the Federal Medical, Centre, Makurdi, after which he went back to school, completed his secondary education.

He gained admission into Calvin College of Education, also in Naka, graduated with National Certificate of Education and got married in 2010 to 21-year-old Philomena.

Interestingly, investigations revealed that there might have been a history of mental problems in his family.

Edwin, who worked as a local brick-maker at the Naka Dam had on that fateful day, invited his 15-year-old brother, Iior Iorguma to his work site under the pretext that he wanted to show him something, only for him to behead the boy.

He was shortly after said to have started chasing other people at the stream, where he caught up with a 10 –year-old boy, Dangote Samuel of Tse-Uchough Nyamshi village and another nine-year-old Joy Ortwav whom he attacked with a machete.

The two boys later died at the Federal Medical Centre, Apir, after losing much blood.

When he attempted to hide, villagers initiated a search and consequently, an angry mob murdered him.

At the time of visit to his residential home at the outskirt of Naka town, some youths were seen digging his grave while his wife, her heart heavy with grief, managed to mutter: “My husband was a nice man. I never envisaged that he would commit such an act.”

An eye witness Zaki Tor Gbenda told newsmen that he helplessly saw him hack off the head of a 30-year-old Mrs. Nyishima Tyosue, a native of Tse-Dzwatema, Mbayoondu, Gbaange/ Tongov.

“The woman was my uncle’s wife. I watched from afar as she pursued Edwin with a stick after he had killed her nine- year-old son Terhile Tyosue with a machete.

“Her strength failed her and she fell down. Edwin then ordered her to kneel down. I thought she wanted to forgive her but instead, he struck her on the shoulder with the machete.”

The Chairman, Gwer West Local Council, Mrs. Eunice Mbajwa, who described the incident as horrifying, said the news of the killing shocked her to the marrow and she had been unable to resume work since it occurred.

The State Police Public Relations Officer, Daniel Ezeala, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, confirmed the incident but condemned the action of mob in taking Edwin’s life.