Gunmen kill 4 policemen in Kano

Reports from Kano State indicate that gunmen opened fire and killed four police officers on Tuesday morning in Kano City.

Witnesses said the incident occurred at about 9:00 a.m. at Unguwa Uku along Zaria Road by Yan Tumaki.

The witnesses said the attackers laid an ambush for the policemen.

“The attackers came to the spot which is not far from a security check point and waited for the police to arrive, and as soon as the vehicle conveying the officers to their various check points came to the place, they opened fire and killed about four of them,” a witness said.

Tuesday’s killing is coming a day after a similar attack reportedly occurred around Kawo Tishama, a suburb of the city when some gunmen riding on a tricycle popularly known in Kano as ‘A Daidaita Sahu’ opened fire on police officers and killed two of them.