Wife stabbed husband to death for refusing to help her clean the house!

A four-times married woman stabbed her latest husband to death with a pair of dress-making scissors because he wouldn't help her clean the house.

Mother-of-five Sandra Clinch, 49, killed Alan Clinch, 48, after a 'blazing row' over his refusal to tidy up before some friends came over for Sunday lunch.

Clinch was nicknamed the Hulk by neighbours because of her mood swings and violent temper, the court was told. They could hear her shouting and ranting at her husband at least once a week.

She is accused of lashing out – stabbing Mr Clinch in the heart and lungs with the new red-handled dressmaking scissors – after he told her to 'shut up'.

He collapsed in a pool of blood and his wife dialled 999 – telling the operator that she had thrown the scissors at him, the court was told.

Mr Clinch was airlifted to hospital but he died from a single wound to the chest. The blades had been driven four inches into his body, between two ribs.

She told the 999 operator: 'I threw a pair of scissors at him and got him in his chest and he is pouring blood, it's right by his heart.

'I did pull them out but I didn't realise I'd got him, we were having an argument and I picked them up and threw them at him.'

When paramedics arrived she said: 'Please help him, I love him so much.' Jurors were played a recording of the 999 call in which a hysterical Clinch screams: 'He's gone, he's dead.'

Mr Dunkels said: 'In her call, she used the word “stabbed”. Her account then became that she threw the scissors at him.

'By the time of her first police interview, her account changed again to having randomly thrown the scissors.

'We say she was closest to the truth at the beginning.'

Mr Dunkels said: 'The only way the defendant could have got the scissors ten to 12cm into his chest was by stabbing him.'

Mr Dunkels said the defendant had a history of violence against her husband. He added that neighbours would often see and hear the couple arguing.

Clinch denies murder. The trial continues.