Hillary Clinton falls asleep during Obama's Myanmar speech (pictures & video)

Even though she was sat next to Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi listening to her boss, the President of the United States give a historic speech, Hilary Clinton just couldn't keep her jet-lagged eyes open.

As Barack Obama made history on Monday by becoming the first American president to ever visit Myanmar, the Secretary of State simply seemed too tired to appreciate the momentous occasion.

Despite sitting next to former political prisoner Suu Kyi, who spent 15 years under home arrest and who presumably knows a thing or two about boredom, Clinton, 65, could not be roused by President Obama's stirring rhetoric in support of the fledgling moves towards democracy in Myanmar.

Throughout the speech, CNN cameras panned over the exhausted Clinton as she sat in the crowd of 1,500 attendees at the University of Yangon.

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