Dumped lover shot dead 5 colleagues in front of his ex-girlfriend

A 29-year-old Moscow lawyer shot dead five people in front of his ex-girlfriend who had ended their relationship ten months ago.

Several hours before his frenzied attack on Wednesday, Dmitry Vinogradov posted a hate-filled manifesto on the web vowing 'to destroy as many parts of the human compost as possible'.

Shooting from a gun in each hand, his trail of destruction left three men and two women dead, and severely wounded another man and woman.

Ex-girlfriend Anya Kaznikova, 26, witnessed part of his sickening killing spree but was not wounded during the attack, it was reported, contradicting earlier reports in the Russian media that she had been shot.

All the dead victims were shot in the head at a Moscow pharmacy company where he worked.

Among his victims were her finance department colleagues who, he claimed, advised her to end their relationship.

A former World Wildlife Foundation volunteer who saved seagulls from an oil slick in 2010, he was finally overpowered by workers and security men after he ran out of bullets, and armed police arrived to arrest him at the scene of his murderous attack.

Police say Vinogradov came to the Rigla plant at Chermyanskaya Street, Moscow, where his ex-girlfriend worked, at 9am and was allowed in as a lawyer for the company.

In a chilling confession, he later told police: ‘We were dating for a long time but in January this year we split up. ‘I tried to get her back but failed. In March I bought a rifle and 200 bullets and a uniform.

‘My colleagues are to blame - they advised Anya to split with me.

‘I came into the office where Anya worked and said: “Hello, colleagues”, and she saw how I began to shoot all of them. ‘I wanted them to see how strong I was and then I planned to kill myself.’

His male victims were named as Alexander Biryuk, Andrei Tertiakov and Denis Moiseev, all 33, and the women were Elena Lapshina and Natalia Plekhanova, both 25.

Ms Kaznikova said after the attack: 'We started dating in summer last year. He made me little sweet presents, took me to the cinema but he was too romantic for me, we
never got too close.

'We finally split up in winter when he started being angry. He was really jealous. In January he sent me a text message and blamed me for making him feel angry. He also called me rude names.'

Vinogradov’s mother Elena Vinogradova revealed on Wednesday that the couple had rowed before breaking up over a romantic trip he had booked to take her to Scotland.