Clattenburg Racism Allegation Latest: Manchester United's Alex Ferguson & Chelsea's Roberto Di Matteo in 'war of words'

Alex Ferguson and Roberto Di Matteo are at war over the Mark Clattenburg race row.

Manchester United boss Ferguson does not believe Chelsea’s official version of events — and insists the FIFA ref has his full support.

Fergie says his players did not hear Clattenburg racially abuse Blues star John Obi Mikel during last Sunday’s Premier League clash at Stamford Bridge. He said: “I have asked them and none of them heard anything.
“I don’t believe Mark Clattenburg would make any comments like that. I refuse to believe it.

“The referee’s career is teetering on the brink, the stigma attached is unfair — unless they have proof he said it and I don’t believe they have.

“How Chelsea have got themselves into this position, I don’t know, but they are going to have to unravel themselves out of it somehow.”

But Chelsea boss Di Matteo hit back at Fergie, saying: “He likes to talk about other clubs, we tend not to. It has happened in the past as well.

“We’ll take his comments but it doesn’t mean we share them.”

After an internal investigation, Chelsea lodged an official complaint to the FA, accusing Clattenburg of using “inappropriate language” to Mikel.

Ferguson claims other managers will support Clattenburg in his fight. He said: “All of us would. If it is proved right, it is a different issue because you cannot support the indefensible.

“But my personal feeling is that it didn’t happen.”

Di Matteo, though, is still fuming over referees and believes United get the rub of the green. He said: “There is a lot of evidence that decisions go in United’s favour.

“Referees don’t do that on purpose, it’s just part of their decision-making.”