Policemen attempts to rob bureau de change operators in Ikeja?

From Punch News,
Some bureau de change operators on Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State, have accused some policemen of attempting to rob them.

The traders, who spoke with our Punch metro on Wednesday, said the policemen, numbering four, were in mufti when they besieged the area.

One of the traders, who craved anonymity, said when the policemen stormed bureau de change section of Alade Market, they gave the impression that they wanted to change some foreign currencies into naira.

As efforts were being made to change the money, he said the policemen ordered the operators to lie on the floor.

Asked how he knew that the men were policemen, the operator said some of his colleagues identified one of them as Sheu, a policeman.

The trader told PUNCH Metro, “When they came they said they wanted to change 5,000 Euros. We did not think anything was wrong until they suddenly asked people to lie down and shot into the air.

“One of the men was wearing an earring. Some of us ran away but we recognised one of them, Shehu, a policeman. We immediately shouted his name and the men quickly rushed into the danfo bus they brought.”

It was learnt that when the men ran into the bus, they quickly put on bulletproof vests, which the traders insisted bore resemblance to those used by policemen.

The trader said the men shot into the air and fled the market.