Patience Jonathan's Health: "German Hospital denies 1st Lady's discharge rumour" - All-Africa News

From All-Africa News,
Contrary to speculations that the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, has been discharged from Wiesbaden Hospital in Germany where she is receiving treatment, the hospital has confirmed that the ailing wife of President Goodluck Jonathan is still on admission.

A source at the hospital disclosed this during a telephone chat with our [All-Africa] foreign correspondent at the weekend.

The source added that Mrs. Jonathan is still recuperating in the hospital and she is yet to be discharged as speculated by some newspapers.

The source further stated that it was the security aides attached to Mrs Jonathan that were actually asked to leave the hospital premises and move to a hotel in order to ensure that further information was not leaked to the press.

There were rumous in the media that Patience Jonathan was being discharged from the hospital and anonymous text messages were sent to some people that her apartment at the presidential villa had been prepared for her imminent return.