BREAKING NEWS: Taraba state governor Dambaba in fatal air-crash!

Plane piloted by Dambaba Suntai the Governor of Taraba State fatally crashed at the Yola airport in Adamawa state.

Unconfirmed reports states that the governor is dead.

The Governor of Taraba State, Mr Dambaba Suntai, who was involved in an air crash at the Yola Airport in Adamawa state, is still alive.

A statement released by officials of the state government confirmed the presence of the governor aboard the plane that crashed in the Adamawa state capital, but confirmed that the governor was not dead.

Mr Suntai was reportedly flying the private jet that had four other passengers and all of them were injured, but none of them died, the statement said.

The governor is said to be currently receiving treatment at the General Hospital in Yola.