27-year-old woman commits suicide [jumped into river] after giving birth to twins!

Ede town, headquarters of Ede North Local Government Area of Osun State, was on Wednesday, thrown into mourning when a 27-year-old woman, Mrs Shekinat Abdurazaq, took her own life.

The deceased, a native of the area, gave birth to a set of twins 11 days before.

According to an eyewitness, the deceased had taken one of her children to school and, on her way back, jumped into River Osun.

It was gathered that she offered prayers on the bridge before jumping into the river.

Efforts by beggars, who beg for alms on the bridge to rescue her, proved abortive.

It was further learnt that when her husband, who was informed of the incident, got to the bank of the river, he also attempted to jump into the river but was prevented by the people around who later alerted the police.

He was subsequently arrested and detained at the Police “A” division in Ede.

No reason was advanced for the deceased’s action as she had no quarrel with her husband or any member her family.