2 policemen engage in public fight in Lagos

Two police officers engaged in a fight on Monday at Bode Thomas Street in Lagos

Trouble ensued when one of the men, who was in uniform, attempted to impound the motorcycle of his colleague in mufti, over improper registration and indiscriminate parking.

As a result, the officers made a spectacle of themselves in the full glare of publicity.

The officer in mufti had parked in front of the MTN office on the street to do some business inside the telecommunications office.

On returning to his vehicle, the officer in mufti was challenged by the uniformed officer, who wanted to arrest him for wrongful parking and not having a number plate on his motorcycle.

However, the officer in mufti felt insulted and the ensuing altercation soon resulted into fisticuffs.

Residents had to interfere by calling the District Police Officer (DPO) of Bode Thomas Police Station, when it became difficult to separate the duo.

On his arrival, the DPO requested for an explanation, but in the course of that, the uniformed police man slapped the other one across the face.

The DPO got angry and ordered the arrest of the two officers.

"I came from my office to settle this dispute and you still had the gut to slap him, we will have to go and settle this in the station," he said.

The police officers all left for the police station, while the residents kept voicing their comments.

One of the residents, Olawale Adegoke, who described Nigeria as a lawless country, said "that's why two police men can be fighting on the street, laying bad example for others."

"A normal citizen cannot do this kind of thing they have done. They didn't even regard the presence of their boss; it is unheard of," he added.