Patience Jonathan's Health: German hospital confirms First Lady's illness ...bars visitors

Officials of Horst Schmidt Klinik, the German Hospital where the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan is receiving medication, yesterday, barred visitors and some top Nigerian officials, who went to see her from, doing so.

An official of the hospital said that some top Nigerian officials, including diplomats were barred from seeing Mrs Jonathan to enable her have deserved rest to quicken her recovery.

The official also confirmed that the President’s wife had earlier been treated for food poisoning back home before being brought to Horst Schmidt Klinik early last week after the management of the hospital had been contacted and briefed on her deteriorating health condition.

Confirming that the First Lady was getting better, the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, declared that the hospital management would ensure that she was fully fit before she would be allowed to go back to Nigeria.

Meanwhile, there were indications, yesterday, that the Presidency might be forced to admit the nature of illness afflicting Dame Jonathan.

Findings indicated that the Presidency was under pressure to own up to the fact that the President’s wife was sick and had been admitted for treatment in a German hospital.

A competent source said that the Presidency might be compelled to release the ‘true position’ of Mrs. Jonathan’s health condition to put the records straight and end the deluge of fabricated stories trailing her health condition and whereabouts.

Source: Vanguard News