Patience Jonathan's Health: "First Lady will not be discharged soon ...until her condition stablises" - German Hospital

Horst Schmidt Klinik in Wiesbaden, Germany, where First Lady Patience Jonathan is presently being treated has confirmed that she would not be discharged so soon, a development that is contrary to frequent reports from the presidency that the ailing first lady would return to the country by the end of this week.

One of the consultants with President Jonathan’s wife told a foreign correspondent during a telephone dialogue on Wednesday that the condition of the ailing first lady had not improved up to the expectations of the medical team.

The consultant further disclosed that the presidency is making serious efforts for Mrs Jonathan to be discharged before the end of this week so she could travel with the president to New York where she is expected to lead some side events at the ongoing 67th United Nations General Assembly.

During the telephone dialogue, the source further said there was no way the ailing first lady could be discharged now as a result of her unstable health situation, stressing that the management of the hospital had communicated with the federal government in writing as regards the impossibility of discharging her as proposed by the presidency.

She said: “They wanted us to discharge Mrs Patience Jonathan but we have notified the Nigerian government through its embassy here that we will not be able to discharge our patient at this time because her situation is not stable. We still need to monitor her very well before we can ask her to proceed on any long distance trip.

“Our response to the Nigerian government as regards the condition of our client here was communicated through the Nigerian embassy in Germany. We cannot discharge her now. She has to remain with us until her deteriorating health condition improves.”

Asked the real cause of her ailment, the consultant who declined to go into details confirmed that Mrs Jonathan had undergone some intestinal operations to keep her tummy firm — a process, she said, led to poisoning and complications.

“Those operations that were performed on Mrs Patience Jonathan led to a ruptured stomach and I think that was the reason she was fainting and as well having abdominal pains before she was brought here for treatment,” the source said.

She however stressed that the doctors working with the first lady would perform some other operations on her at the beginning of next week if her condition does not improve as expected.

The presidency had earlier maintained that the ailing Mrs Jonathan was only in Germany to rest until it was confirmed that Nigeria’s first lady was truly on admission at
Horst Schmidt Klinik in Wiesbaden, Germany receiving treatment after being operated on for ruptured appendix, which was as a result of food poisoning.


Source: Leadership News