Man seeks divorce from wife for lack of sex!

A man, Isaac Anyaso, on Monday pleaded with an Ikeja Customary Court to dissolve his marriage to Imelda, for allegedly denying him sex.

Anyaso told the court that his wife had stopped having sex with him since 2007.

“She doesn't obey me, and she stopped having sex with me since 2007 because she said I fornicate and she doesn't want to get infected, she doesn't even cook for me since that 2007. There is no love between us anymore, she doesn't appreciate me and whatever I do for her,” he said.

The petitioner told the court that he has a second wife he inherited following his late brother's death, and also that the wife stays in the same compound with them.

Anyaso also prayed the court to grant him custody of the two children that Imelda had for him.

He however, promisjed to give the respondent and their two children a monthly allowance of N7,000 if the court fails to grant him the divorce.

The respondent however, accused Anyaso of maltreating and putting her life in danger.

"He treats me like rag in the house; whenever he gets back from work, he brings provisions but he doesn't give me. He gives them to the first wife,” she said.

"About two years ago, he told me to take an injection for family planning, I was taking the injection but it got to a while it started affecting me negatively, so I decided to stop it and I explained to him but he said if I will stop the family planning injection, I would be on my own.”

She also denied that she stopped cooking for him, alleging that Anyaso has been the one rejecting her food.

“I cook for him but there was a day he complained about the meal and I told him I will prepare a better one the next day, but he refused and he was really angry, since then he stopped giving me money for feeding even after I begged him, but I still keep his food on the dining table even though he doesn't eat it," she said.

The court president, N.A. Ipaye, said it was obvious that Anyaso was no longer interested in the marriage and that he even threatened to commit suicide if his marriage was not dissolved, the last time the couple was in court.

"It is impossible for the court to force two unwilling parties to continue with the marriage" he said.

The case was adjourned till October 23 for judgment.