"Do not weep for Cynthia, ...weep for her killers" - Osokogu family

Friends, family members and neighbors of the late Cynthia Osokogu last night gathered at the St Morumba Catholic Church, Jos, for a necessary rite, which will culminate in her remains being interred in Delta State on Friday.

The service was officiated by the parish priest of St Murumba, Jos , Revd. Father Philip Dung. He was assisted by Revd. Father Peter Ucun, the principal, St Murumba College, Jos.

In his sermon, the parish priest, Rev Father Dung, said “Cynthia did not die for nothing because she died a Christian. She never allowed her educational career and her business to deprive her from worshipping her creator. But we need to say this loud and clear to whoever cares to listen, the death of Cynthia is another sad report card of our nation that fails to protect its citizens. The case of Cynthia may be one out of many.

“It is time for government to shift attention to the kind of havoc caused by ICT. We focused too much attention on fighting Boko Haram and other forms of terrorism. It is time to focus on cyber made terrorism because it has claimed lives of many Nigerians silently.

“The case of Cynthia should be used to salvage other potential victims of cyber crime because it is obvious that there are so many Nigerians who have gone through more terrible experiences than that of the late Cynthia.”

Giving testimony on behalf of the family, Mr. Ralph Monye said “Friends and relations, I will tell you not to weep for Cynthia; you rather weep for her killers because they have committed crime that cannot be compounded. In law, it means it cannot be settled amicably with the killers. I wonder how God almighty will forgive them, but I wish God forgives them.”