26-year-old Turkish woman, Nevin Yildirim shot & behead her rapist to 'save her honour' [pictures]

26-year-old Nevin Yildirim, a pregnant rape victim who shot and decapitated her attacker then left his severed head in the square of her local village Yalvac, south-west Turkey, is now awaiting trial for murder.

The mother-of-two is five months pregnant with, she claims, her rapist's child.

She is demanding authorities let her have an abortion even though she is four weeks beyond Turkey's ten-week termination limit.

Yildirim said the man, Nurettin Gider, began assaulting her a few days after her husband left home in January to work a seasonal job in another town.

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She claims he threatened her with a gun and said he would kill her children, aged two and six, if she did not keep silent. The rapes continued over the next eight months until August 28, when Yildirim decided she had had enough.

On that day she shot Gider after he had climbed up the back wall of her house and then shot him again when he reached for his gun.

She said: 'I chased him. He fell on the ground. He started swearing at me.

'I shot his sexual organ this time. He became quiet. I knew he was dead. I then cut his head off.'

In total, Yildirim shot him ten times, including several times in his groin region. He was also reportedly stabbed in the abdomen after he was shot.

She then carried his head, which was dripping blood, by the hair to the village square at Yalvac, onlookers said.

Speaking to shocked men sitting outside a coffee house, she said: 'Don't talk behind my back, don't play with my honour. Here is the head of the man who played with my honour.'

It is thought the rapist was blackmailing Yildirim. She said he had taken nude photos of her while pregnant after sneaking into her bedroom at night. He threatened to send them to her parents unless she continued sleeping with him, she said.

'He kept saying that he would tell everyone about the rape,' Yildirim reportedly said during her testimony.

'My daughter will start school this year. Everyone would have insulted my children. Now no one can.

'I saved my honour. They will now call children the kids of the woman who saved her honour.'

According to a source quoted by CNN, Yildirim said: 'I thought of reporting him to military police and to the district attorney, but this was going to mark me as a scorned woman.

'Since I was going to get a bad reputation I decided to clean my honor and acted on killing him. I thought of suicide a lot but couldn't do it.'

Womens' groups in Turkey have praised Yildirim as a heroine.

Yildirim has even said she is prepared to die as long as she is allowed to have the abortion.

Father-of-two Gider, 35, was married to an aunt of Yildirim's husband.


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