Tony Nicklinson, the RIGHT-TO-DIE campaigner is Dead!

Right-To-Die campaigner Tony Nicklinson today passed away just a week after losing his long-running legal battle to be allowed to end his own life.

Nicklinson, who suffered from locked-in syndrome, died aged 58 from natural causes at his home in Melksham near Trowbridge, Wilts., his family said.

His health rapidly deteriorated during the last few days after refusing any food and contracting pneumonia.

The married father-of-two was left paralysed by a catastrophic stroke while on a business trip to Athens in 2005.

Family solicitor Saimo Chahal said: “I am extremely sad to tell you that I received a call at 10.45am from Jane Nicklinson to inform me that her husband

“Jane told me that Tony went rapidly downhill over last weekend, having contracted pneumonia.

“He had made an advanced directive in 2004 refusing any life-sustaining treatment and also refused food from last week.”

A tweet posted on Mr Nicklinson’s profile this morning, which is regularly updated by members of his family on his behalf, read: “You may already know, my Dad died peacefully this morning of natural causes. He was 58.”

A second post added: “Before he died, he asked us to tweet: ’Goodbye world the time has come, I had some fun’.”

Tony and wife before the stroke