Meet Annie Hawkins-Turner: the woman with the World's Largest Natural Breasts

Annie Hawkins-Turner, a 53-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia who has a bra size of 102ZZZ is now a celebrity due to her Guinness World Record-breaking breasts.

Ms Hawkins-Turner's chest weighs eight stone. Although they attracted ridicule when she was a child, her breasts have since helped her develop a career as a self-described 'fantasy model'. She has appeared in 'over 250' self-directed fetish videos.

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She says: 'When I have to bend over, if I get up the wrong way I'm going to hurt myself. If I stand up for a long period of time, I do get numbness in my shoulders.'

She says: 'No one looks like me, I'm one in a million. [I'm] always imitated but never duplicated. I do have security because people chase me.'


  1. There is a crazy brazilian, actually living in USA, that does everything to have really big breasts. I am sure she did not see this 53-year-old woman. She will never beat her...

  2. lol!
    that act is simply "Vanity Insanity"!


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