One-Month Old Baby 'Raped And Battered' So Badly His Heart Stopped Makes Remarkable Recovery After Four Weeks In Hospital

A one-month-old baby boy who was allegedly raped and battered so badly that his heart stopped has made a remarkable recovery. 

The tiny child was beaten viciously, leaving both his lungs punctured, and all his ribs were broken along with his collar bone and arm. There was reportedly also a sexual injury and internal wounds, suggesting rape.

The boy spent days in intensive care at London's King's College Hospital after the alleged merciless attack just over five weeks ago.

But last week paediatricians decided he was well enough to be released into the care of foster parents, police have revealed.

Doctors who battled to save the baby say they are amazed that he survived his injuries because of their severity and his tender age. They are even more surprised that he was well enough to be released so soon. Investigators said it was one of the worst cases of child abuse they had seen.

A social services source said: 'Whoever did this could have been facing a murder charge. 'It is thanks to good medical care that this baby pulled through. But he was so badly beaten that we feared he could die.'

The youngster was allegedly attacked at house in Gravesend, Kent, on December 1 in an assault described as the most brutal police and social services had seen.

Neighbours said a man and a woman had lived at the address with a newborn baby. They were described as 'nice people, normal and polite'.

Reports of the alleged attack led to an outpouring of support for the baby with candle-lit vigils and toys and flowers being placed at makeshift shrines.

A man of 35 and a woman of 33 were arrested at the semi-detached house where the child was found but were later released on police bail. 

After their release feelings were running high and vigilantes attacked a house where were thought to be staying. Police had to appeal for calm as threats of reprisals flew round the internet At the time a senior police officer described the local mood as 'highly-charged'.

He urged people not to seek retribution while police enquiries continued. 'I can understand the anger incidents like this can cause in the community, but I strongly warn people against jumping to early conclusions and seeking some form of retribution.'

Social network groups sprang up after the news broke containing several messages calling for the parents to be named over the alleged abuse.

One post read: 'These people need to be locked up not given bail. They are scum.'

One local woman said: 'We feel disgusted about this and we want to express our support for the child. The plan is to hold a vigil this evening.'

Detectives are understood to be still investigating what happened to the baby.

A Kent Police spokesman said: 'The baby has now been released from the hospital in to the are of social services and is currently with foster parents.'

'A 35-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman, who were arrested on suspicion of assault, remain on bail.'


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