Naija Cyber Hactivists Hacked Nigerian Army's Website

A group of hackers, Naija Cyber Hactivist, has hacked and taken control of the website of the Nigerian Army -

According to the group, it took the step to call for the removal of Soldiers on the streets, ask them to leave innocent protesters alone and tackle Boko Haram instead.

"We will not stop the attacks until petroleum subsidy is returned. This is just the beginning, we are from the internet. Expect us," the group stated on its website. According to the group, it is with the mission to 'Hand over the whip to the horse.'

Below is the group's message:
Greetings Nigerian Army

We are NaijaCyberHactivists.

We and the great people of Nigeria ask for nothing but your immediate evacuation from our streets.

We shall not fold our arms and watch you harrass innocent protesters.

Please tackle Boko Haram and leave innocent protesters ALONE

Your failure to do just placed you in our cross-hairs.

You are NOT untouchable as WE