Julianne Hough Slips Into A Tiny Bikini For Beach Frolic With Ryan Seacrest

It isn't hard to see what Ryan Seacrest sees in girlfriend Julianne Hough given how good she looks in a bikini.

The 23-year-old actress flaunted her toned and trim beach body in a hot pink two-piece bathing suit while on vacation in St. Barts on Tuesday.

She wasn't shy about showing off her flat, muscular stomach as she towelled off after splashing around in the ocean with a few female friends. Her boyfriend, producer/host/entertainment guru Ryan Seacrest, joined his girlfriend of eight months on the Caribbean island. 

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He put a proprietary arm around his younger lady love as the two strolled down the beach after her fun in the sun. The two looked relaxed in their low-key beach gear as they meandered down the stretch of sand.

The former Dancing With the Stars hoofer left her blue chambray shirt open to show off her bikini top and threw on some high-waisted pink shorts as well.