Iraqi Government Wants Saddam Hussein's Buttock Back From British Ex-SAS

The Iraqi government is demanding that an ex-SAS man return a buttock he seized from Saddam Hussein's statue.

Nigel 'Spud' Ely, 52, was guarding a camera crew in April 2003 as they filmed Iraqis pulling down the giant statue in Baghdad.

Nigel picked up a 2ft lump of bronze that had formed part of the tyrant's backside and take it with him to the UK.
The Iraqi government now claims the metal chunk is a piece of the country's "cultural antiquity" and is demanding he return it or face possible theft charges.

Mr Ely, from Derby, has been interviewed under caution by local police after the Iraqi embassy made a complaint.

He has turned the buttock into an artwork and says that makes him its legal owner.

Mr Ely said: "When I got it, it was just a piece of scrap metal. I am only doing this to raise money for military charities.

"If the Iraqis want to split the proceeds to give some to Iraqi charities, I am happy to listen."