Indian Teacher Found $9Billion In His Account!

Parijat Saha
A teacher in India was astounded when he checked his bank account to find he had more than $9billion.

Given that his monthly salary is closer to $700, Parijat Saha expected his balance to be $200. "On Sunday evening, when I was checking my savings account balance on the internet, I was expecting an amount of a little more than 10,000 rupees ($200)," Mr Saha told the BBC.

The billions he found there instead have left him in shock.

"I called up a friend in the bank and joked, maybe money is overflowing in your bank, that's why your system has remitted so much money into my account," he said.

State Bank of India officials are trying to determine how the error occured - and say Mr Saha could not have withdrawn any of the money. Lucky for the bank, though, that the honest Mr Saha alerted to the multi-million-dollar mistake.

But until the bank works out what happened the huge amount is still credited to Mr Saha's bank account.

"Even though I got my money back, the account still holds the billions of dollars as uncleared amount. I don't know how long I'll have to keep that astronomical figure in my account," he told the BBC.