How Indonesia School-Children Cross River Daily After Floods Cut Off Their Community

At first glance, it looks like an action sequence from Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom. But, in reality, it is the daily commute to and from work and school for of adults and children in Lebak, Indonesia.

Clinging for dear life on a disintegrating wood-and-wire suspension bridge, children as young as five take their lives into their hands crossing the Ciberang River every day.

The river crossing become precarious and potentially fatal last week after the suspension bridge was almost washed away by flooding.

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A pillar supporting one side of the crossing collapsed, leaving the wooden planks that acted as a path tilted to one side. Only one side of the suspension bridge remained intact, meaning commuters have had to carefully pick their way over the bouncing structure.

It is far from stable, and locals have already reported sections disappearing overnight.

Children who live on the other side of the bank must use the damaged bridge to get to school.

Sofiah, a student who traverses the bridge each day, explained that the nearest other crossing was half an hour’s walk away. Seeing as that would mean getting up earlier each morning, and coming home later each night, she said she would rather risk the crossing on the collapsed ropes.

The river is a popular tourist attraction, with its fast waters used by thousands of holidaymakers who wish to go white-water rafting. 


  1. They should use the money generated from tourist to fix that bridge. I feel worried for all those kids crossing that every day.


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