53-Year-Old Denise Welch Cavorts Topless In Hot Tub In UK Celebrity Big Brother House

It was just two months ago that she declared she was turning over a new leaf for the sake of her husband. But Denise Welch seems to have forgotten her promise to curb her wild ways since entering the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The 53-year-old ended up topless in the hot tub with 19-year-old Frankie Cocozza last night.

Despite saying in November that she wanted to end her partying and concentrate on her marriage following husband Tim Healy's life-saving surgery last year, Denise had her housemates blushing as she frolicked near-naked during a late night spa session.

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The Loose Women star joined her housemate, 34 years her junior, in the steaming hot tub wearing just her underwear.

Wild child Frankie was delighted by Denise's bad behaviour, cheering her on laughing hysterically. The teenage X Factor contestant, famed for cavorting with countless young woman, was amused by his mid-Fifties housemate's figure, getting the giggles and pointing at her exposed assets.

The duo cavorted in the bubbling water, with Denise leaning over Frankie at one point, before their housemates intervened.


  1. Gibbs i want to go dat house 2 warn dat woman 2 stop d nonsense she is doing. May be my luck 2 can shine like Frankie. Can dat oyan still be sweet?

  2. lol! @Biyi

    you can contact Frankie Cocozza to verify! hehehehehehe


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