Painting Monkey Sells Artworks

A painting monkey called Pockets Warhol has sold artworks for as much as £250 to buyers all over the world.

Pockets, a white-capped capuchin monkey, paints with his tail, hands, feet and sometimes even a brush. He lives on Story Book Farm, a Primate Sanctuary in Canada where he arrived two years ago.

Buyers as far afield as Europe and Israel have bought his abstract colourful paintings.

Pockets is named after pop artist Andy Warhol, because of his wild white hair, but his paintings are said to be more like the work of Jackson Pollock. He was first introduced to painting a year ago when volunteer Charmaine Quinn gave him some non-toxic children's paint to keep him occupied.

She said: "Pockets has always been very playful so he really took to painting, however, he does have an artistic temperament and can lack concentration, sometimes preferring to eat the paint." The money he earns from the sales of his paintings will help fund a new barn for the sanctuary.

The talented monkey is having an art show where 40 of his paintings will be displayed in Toronto for the next two months.