Justin Bieber Shows Ball Control To Chelsea's Frank Lampard and Fernando Torres

Being a teenage heartthrob obviously isn't enough for Justin Bieber.

The Canadian sensation has sung duets with Mariah Carey and Kanye West and has had dance offs against Usher and P.Diddy. Now he has shown off his silky balls to some of the world's greatest living footballers.

The pint size pop star recently spent the day with Spanish international Fernando and England midfielder Frank at Chelsea's home ground, Stamford Bridge.

The singer, whose worldwide hits include Baby, Baby, Never Say Never and One Time, found time to give the professionals a quick lesson in ball control.

The 17-year-old is a self confessed football fanatic, or as he calls it, soccer fan, and earlier this year he was sporting a Barcelona strip when he had a kick-around on the streets of Spain.

Bieber also got to take a penalty at the Shed End of the stadium with midfielder Lampard in goal.

Having already displayed what a natural athlete he is it was no surprise when Justin blasted the ball in past the out of position Chelsea legend. He ended his day at the west London club with a VIP tour around the stadium and quick look in the changing rooms.

On this evidence, perhaps Russian owner Roman Abramovich should open his cheque book in January to sign the 17-year-old pop idol.