Conjoined Twins Born In Brazil With TWO HEADS!

Conjoined twins been born in Brazil with two heads but only one body.

The twins, named Jesus and Emanuel, have two functioning brains and two backbones - but a single heart. The rare condition is thought to have occurred when one of the pair failed to fully develop in the womb.

Dr Neila Dahas, who is treating the newborns, said surgery was not being considered at the moment. But she said separating the boys would be impossible because the twins had a single set of organs - and both brains were functioning well.

"What we know statistically is that the children who undergo surgery and survive are the children who have less organs in common," she added.

"What we've got to think about at this moment is to maintain the children in good condition and see how they will develop."

The condition, known as dicephalic parapagus, is rare.