10 Hottest Bikini Bodies Of 2011

It was a big year in bikinis, as Hollywood’s hottest stars stripped down and showed off their awesome assets in the sexiest swimsuits!

The competition was fierce, but RadarOnline has analyzed all of the swimsuit sirens on the shoreline and picked out the 10 hottest bikini bodies of 2011.

Young Hollywood hottie Selena Gomez made her mark as a certifiable bikini babe in 2011. The Disney star frolicked around the shoreline in some of the skimpiest bikinis in town, engaging in super steamy PDA fests with her beau Justin Bieber!


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Footloose and foxy, Julianne Hough had a blockbuster year on the big screen and on the beach. Her first leading role in a feature film and scoring a coveted spot in the upcoming Rock of Ages were nothing compared to the way she dominated the South Beach shoreline in her barely-there bikinis.

Halle Berry and Courteney Cox proved that bikini babes get better with age! Both the 45+ stars showed off fat-free and fabulous figures, getting WAY more attention than their much-younger costars.

And we can’t forget about model bodies Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bundchen. While Gisele continued to earn her ‘highest paid model in the world’ dough by maintaining her perfect 10 beach bod, Kerr bounced back from her first baby and within months was back in a bikini for Victoria’s Secret.

Camron Diaz

Halle Berry

Courteney Cox

Selena Gomez

Gisele Bundchen

Heidi Klum

Julianne Hough

Megan Fox

Katie Holmes