SSS Arrest Senator Ali Ndume Over Boko Haram Links

The senator was indicted by a captured member of the radical Islamic sect for being a financier of terrorist activites

Senator Ali Ndume (Borno State) has been arrested by the State Security Services (SSS) on suspicion of being a financier of the Boko Haram sect. Ndume was indicted when an alleged spokesperson of the radical Islamic sect, also in SSS custody, Ali Konduga, reportedly named him as a major sponsor of the terrorist activities of the group. Security officials arrested the senator on Monday night.

An official of the SSS, who did not want his name published, confirmed the arrest and said the senator would soon face trial.“He is presently being detained in SSS custody, pending his arraignment in court,” he said. “Based on the confession of some Boko Haram suspects in custody, we have interrogated Ndume and he has made a statement accordingly. We are going to charge him to court on Tuesday (today) with some of the suspects in our custody.”

Source: Daily Times


  1. please i suggest that justice be allowed to take its full place in the case of this sponsor of boko haram

  2. i suggest that the issue of politics be removed from this issue as it concern the entire the of Nigeria and even investors that have come to invest in our country for employment generation. this must stop.

    Anthony A.
    Imo State

  3. Well said @ Anonymous16:06 and Anonymous16:09. But it's left for our leaders (executive, legislative and the judicary) to effect due justice if the Senator or anyone is found guilty.

    We pray for 'over-due' justice in this case!


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