Woman unconscious after delivering brainless baby in Ekiti (wonders shall never end)

A middle-age woman (name withheld) delivered a brainless baby Thursday afternoon at the General Hospital in Iyin-Ekiti, according to local sources who also said the baby has died and had since been buried. 
The mother however survived the painful experience but was said to be unconscious after a surgical operation. From the image, the baby had an open but flattened head, with somewhat bulged eyes. Unfortunately, the parents of the dead baby who were present to watch the gory picture quickly arranged a quick burial to avoid public embarrassment. 
The Commissioner for Health in the state, Dr. Wole Olugboji, confirmed the occurrence of the strange incident. The medical experts alleged abuse of drugs by the mother during pregnancy saying such could have led to the strange development. Sources at the hospital said the head of the monster had no brain but contained certain mucus. 
“The baby did not have brain. His head was open at the back and you can see mucus inside the head instead of brain. It was strange; nobody in the hospital had seen such baby before.” Another source added the strange baby was very small at birth. He added that the delivery was abnormal as the fluid which was drained from the mother’s body was in excess of normal quantity. 
The woman was said to have gone for series of scan in some private hospitals where she was told that she was going to deliver a set of twins. “That is why we always ask pregnant women not to take any drugs unless they were prescribed by doctors. We can’t also rule it out that the deformity might have been caused by concoction. It is possible,” the source revealed.