Soul Singer ADELE: Make me laugh and I’ll sleep with you

SOUL singer Adele says her ultimate turn-on is a man who makes her laugh - and she couldn't care less about looks.

The Someone Like You chart-topper, 23, admits she is on the hunt for love and has revealed a checklist for her ideal bloke. She said: "I would like someone with humour. If they make me laugh, I'm in the bed. I really don't care how they are physically."

And she said her tastes range all the way from a Hollywood heart-throb to a chunky bearded American stand-up.

The North Londoner said: "For husband material it ranges from Leonardo DiCaprio to Zach Galifianakis. It really does vary that much. I like all sizes, it doesn't matter - if they make me laugh I am on it. "I also like a man who can cook and someone who can be passionate for life. "I like someone who really inspires me and I admire." 

The double Grammy winner, from Tottenham, England has made a fortune from being unlucky in love. Her album 21 detailed the painful bust-up with a long-term boyfriend and sold millions worldwide.

But the singer-songwriter admits she is still stunned by her sudden fame. Adele said in a US telly interview: "This success literally all fell into my lap. I was always singing and knew I would be involved in music. But I thought I would be a receptionist or work in a shop and on my days off go and play an acoustic show to my family and friends. I never ever thought this would happen.

"I didn't bother to dream about being a professional singer because everyone I know has dreams and none of theirs has come true, so why would mine?"

The musician was discovered after a talent scout came across three tracks on her MySpace web page in 2006. She said: "I didn't bother to hand my demos in anywhere as I didn't even know where record companies were. "Nothing has ever sunk in - and I don't really remember very much.

"Being a singer is like an out-of-body experience and a bit bizarre."