Shagari Cautions Against Religious Bigotry

Second Republic President, Alhaji Shehu Shagari has stressed the need for Nigeria to remain united irrespective of any religious, ethnic or political differences.

Shagari stated this on Thursday night at his residence in Shagari Local Government Area, when he hosted Sokoto State Governor, Aliyu Wamakko to the annual Ramadan break fast. He emphasised that God has created the country with diverse backgrounds "for us to be together as one and indivisible entity called Nigeria" and it should remain as such.

Shagari maintained that he has no regrets serving Nigeria whatsoever in all the capacities and proud to be a Nigerian. According to him, this is a spirit that all patriotic Nigerians must emulate, if the nation is to achieve an enviable height of socio-economic development to be at par with her contemporaries.

The former president urged Nigerians not to abandon their roots, adding, "we should always be proud of our ancestral homes and we should never abandon them in favour of any foster homes, towns, cities or countries." He noted that the Ramadan period was a time for sharing amongst the Muslim faithful in order to have a fair share of the abundant rewards from God. "We have a long lasting cordial relationship between us and this will by God's grace be sustained for posterity and eternity," Shagari said of the Nigerian nation.